Artemis 1/6 (artemis16) wrote,
Artemis 1/6

Yes . . .

((RP/PVP is fun, a few interesting people.
We rallied a few people in this server (Lightninghoof) and all is well.))
Although I have risen again after the attack from the Scourge, I've come to embrace this new form, as have others of my bretheren.
With that said, my adventures have mostly been with my rogue friend, who's name I wont speak.
The Horde is nothing more but a tool to further our own goals. We dont plan to take on the Lich King with Sylvanas, instead we're planning on working our way up in the Forsaken and hopefully join the Scourge once we are capable. For now, i'll tolerate these creatures (especially the trolls).

One last thing.

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