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Elaziel stating the obvious

The rogue and I were having a picnic outside that gigantic purple "magic barrier" at Dalaran, having an oh so peaceful meal of fresh rabbit with a side of gnome appetizers. All of a sudden, a druid and his accomplice attacked us!
The nerve of that puny party . . .

For some reason, they couldnt keep up with our majestic and graceful movement . . . despite me having little grace (but plenty of majesty!) . . .
We instantly rid of those petty mongrels that dared attack us.

So yes, Night Elf Druids are the most dishonorable little things that roam Azeroth . . .
They should seriously consider saving Felwood or planting another "Great Tree" somewhere, instead of dealing with Undead folk that are clearly a force to be reckoned with.


*One last thing. . .
We dont instigate fights. Ever.
Especially if we are under a heavy schedule.
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