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A place for these long winded rants. .

One of the grand things about this journal (regardless of my crappy layouts) is the possibilities of writing a long, winded rant.
Usually these rants would be (ideally) three or four paragraphs, with some repetition thrown in there, maybe.
Yes, I am stating the obvious. :P
But why bring this up?

Because facebook isint considerate to those who want to rant for longer than a sentence, or even format in a semi-interesting matter for that matter.

Speaking of this journal, I looked back at a couple of my posts.
Talk about feeling weird and awkward. . . hah!

So what have I been up to lately. . . some may ask.
Not much, surprisingly.

A few notable things, however:
I have mostly been working on school, right now I just started working on a bachelors for Graphic Design.
I've taken a heavy interest in film, though I really have a lot of catching up to do. I'm not too big of a fan of most modern films though, but hey. . I'm sure i'll be surprised one day.
I do like to draw still. . . but it really dosent hold my attention as much as it used to, shamefully.

and. . there's probably more, but I cant seem to think of anything.
Regardless, I dont think I've changed too much.
More or less anyway.
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