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Sleep is needed.

Yay, all 3 icons are Nako related now.
Just need some help labeling this one.
Any advice?


I've had an urge to draw again.
I dont really know what, exactly . . .

Also pondering on trying new media, not just pencil.
Thinking about buying a water color set or something . . .
Maybe some colored pencils that work with it too (actually, I'm thinking the ones i have will work well with it; Prismacolors).

While on the topic of art,
if I make a website for my art some day, would you visit it?
Been considering doing so . . . but it's not really guaranteed wether i do or dont.


After seeing "Halloween 3: Day of the Witch" (or whatever) again, it's really not that bad of a movie. I think I actually got a bit creeped out from it. It would have been a lot better if it wasnt a part of the series, but what can you do?


How many times must I be tempted to play WOW again? It would be nice to play now that more people I know are playing it/considering getting it, but meh . .
School eats up my time and I spend my free time well (I think I do anyway).
Chances are my sleeping schedule would be waaaaaaaay more screwed up if I did play. But heck, it's just something I'm taking into consideration.

Speaking of Warcraft related things,
I've actually been playing Warcraft 3 on my own lately.
It's fun, I'm actually doing decent. The thing I hate though is playing a Night Elf vs Night Elf match, it's rather annoying.
Then NE vs Orc is usually boring, versus Undead is sometimes unpredictable and plain out weird and lastly I only played against human once out of 24 games. It's mostly been NE and Orc.
All I really need to work on is "microing," teching/expanding at the right times (especially in NE vs NE), and hero managing (especially when I get a second hero or a melee one).

I almost forgot, I hate reflecting on games I lose in, they can be a real pain (especially when i'm trying to sleep). So poo.

I suppose that's all the interesting things going on.
Without being too gloomy anyway.
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